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Malcolm S. Gerald and Associates, Inc.

Consumer Collection

MSG offers 200+ professional collection personnel to effectively resolve consumer collection accounts.

Commercial Collections

MSG provides an experienced commercial collection team to negotiate all business related accounts.

Special Project Collection

MSG offers extensive experience in special project collection and billing backed by in-depth statistical and management reports to give you the information you need.

Early-Out and Pre-Collect

MSG can custom design programs to minimize your collection costs.

Detailed Project Work Plan

MSG offers a truly unique work plan and flow-chart detailing the exact steps we will take in your collection program. No guess work about how your accounts are handled.

Predictive Dialing Projects

MSG provides a Digital Voicelink predictive dialer to handle all of your designated high-volume account placements.

Municipal Collections

MSG represents a variety of municipalities. Our staff is trained in ticket, ambulance, water and other municipal services.

Credit Bureau Reporting

MSG is on-line with all of the major credit reporting agencies.

Direct and 3rd Party Billing

MSG provides a fully staffed billing department for original invoicing, re-billing and insurance/3rd party follow up and resolution.

Account Maintenance

MSG offers "Payment Plan Security", a system to maintain and monitor installment payment accounts.

Management Consulting

MSG can provide comprehensive reviews of in-house procedures and recommend methods for improving accounts receivable.

Temporary Staffing

MSG offers trained temporary staffing for billing and collection procedures, long or short term.

Training Programs

MSG can customize programs to teach your staff new skills in collection, telephone techniques and overall account management.

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