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Key Personnel

Gerald Stein - Chairman

Mr. Gerald Stein founded Malcolm S. Gerald and Associates, Inc. with a unique and exciting vision of the collection business in 1962. Coupling a philosophy of service to both client and debtor with the concept of providing a full range of services, he pioneered "Financial Recovery Services".

David J. Stein - President

Mr. David Stein assumed the position as President and Operations Director of MSG in 1996, having demonstrated his abilities through years of service at all levels of the company's operation. He began his career at MSG at the "ground-level", as a front line collector, eventually meriting a position as a collection supervisor and then gaining further expertise in administration.
Through Mr. Stein's leadership since 1996, all operations of the company have both improved and expanded. By instituting an employee work plan and introducing new employee incentives, collections have exceeded expectations. To handle all the new business, Mr. Stein opened a call center in 2004 employing 25 collectors in Pakistan.

Katie Stein - Director of Client Services

Ms. Stein has been with MSG since 1991 and is well versed in all aspects of credit and collection management. Ms. Stein directs all client service functions and is our main liaison between all collection services and client related activities.

James W. Virghes Jr. - Retail Collections Manager

Mr. Virghes has over 22 years experience in the collections industry, and since his start here at MSG in 1996 he has used his extensive experience to oversee the strategic planning, implementation, and execution of all credit card, and retail clients’ unique financial recovery needs. He maintains, monitors, and attends to all company and client goals, through our highly trained supervisory staff of 150 plus retail collectors.

Muhammad Adil - Overseas Collections Manager

Mr. Adil has been with MSG since 2005, and his first hand knowledge of task management, attention to detail, and advanced technical skills background has been a perfect addition to our management team. Adil helped spearhead our Pakistan office, and oversees all aspects of the day to day operations of this facility via our Chicago office. Mr. Adil can help coordinate virtually any type of collections needs from this highly proficient group of 50 plus associates.

Daniel Weiland - Director of Information Technology

Mr. Weiland has been with MSG since 1981. He oversees day to day operations in both the IT and cash posting departments. He provides technical support to our staff and clients, plus he maintains and supports all of MSG's systems.

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